Monday, February 22, 2010

Girl Frontal Wedgie Videos The Most Embarrassing Day Of My Life?

The most embarrassing day of my life? - girl frontal wedgie videos

It happened two years ago. I was 13, eight degrees in the high school.

One day I ran from Whitey-tight, so I had to make a decision. Might I could not go to school Freeballin "or I go to school in my sister's panties go. I chose the underwear.

PE was something I had forgotten. We always have to change costumes, and I knew that life would be if someone saw me in trousers sorry about.

Suddenly, behind me, a child gives me a song of Sunday, a common practice (in my school) and my underwear. "Joe is in his underwear, what a girl!" The boy cried. Everyone in the locker room is now directed at me.

"It takes a frontal wedgie! A boy shouted." A frontal attack Atomic Wedgie! Screamtro. And what was decided: a frontal Atomic Wedgie panties. I gritted my teeth, knowing full well what was coming. * * Pull I have never felt that much pain in my balls before. I started to cry, and it was a very bad idea.

"Oh, she cries, we will cry more!" a boy shouted. The next thing I know starts with three children repeatedly kicking me in the testicles. I fall to the ground and held my family jewels. I felt myself to collect (I still could) see as underpants on his head and carried somewhere. Kids can I cancel my forehead JibJab to see me, that we are in football field.And all boys and girls looked at me.

And the next day I went to school and boys and girls and took me by myClothes and put on a belt, skirt, blouse, heels, painted bras, make-up and hand and toe nails. They left me there, so I had to go to school like this, and the bell, and all looked at me and laughed at me.

From now on, calls me every Joana


  1. Funny story, but you should have stopped after organized crime.

  2. LOL OMG, it's funny, I thank you for the laugh. There is no way that could never possibly occur. Taking a group of men robbed, put in the clothes of the girls and even nail polish ,,,,, it can happen in a school, without anybody noticing. Nice, but creativity, bravo

  3. Ya, what you for wearing my clothes.
    Before dress I like a girl every night, because she takes sleeping pills and can not wake up again.
    They were brother and sister