Friday, January 22, 2010

Herpes Virus On Nose-pictures How Long Would It Take For The Herpes Virus To Die If The Nerves It Infected Died?

How long would it take for the Herpes Virus to die if the nerves it infected died? - herpes virus on nose-pictures

If the nodes of the sacral nerve roots (S2-S5) in the cases of herpes simplex penetrates type 2 (genital herpes) in the nerve cells isolated from the spinal cord, nerves, than death ... and the virus itself. The nerves and could then be recorded, and the virus continues to be killed?


  1. no. theres not get rid of herpes. ever.

  2. Herpes never goes away ... can only be in a state of "sleep" remain unknown reasons and come back and act .. and during the phase of sleep, may also relate to the use ... Valtrex is why outbreaks make less frequent and less painful. but there is nothing you can do to cure herpes ..
    atleast not yet .. maybe one day they will find a cure

  3. Nerves, which certainly will not join again, they will not grow back. And if they tried to kill the nerves, in particular, the virus moves to a different series, you can not get rid of that cold.