Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What Do You Wear To A Pakistani Wedding What To Wear To A Pakistani Wedding?

What to wear to a pakistani wedding? - what do you wear to a pakistani wedding

OK, I'm in Australia, we can not have good clothes for the wedding in Pakistan from here
Landing in Lahore in November 27, 2009, and then go shopping, because he will attend two weddings back to back. 27 I land in Lahore and then a national holiday for some time because of the Eid ul Adha (which I think is starting November 30)
I will attend a cousins wedding 3 to 7 December.
and after the wedding of an uncle of 8 to 13 December ...

if someone can me to Lahore, say, where I can get clothing for weddings, at (ie each Rasam Mooi, Mehndi, nikkah, Baraat, Wedding)
and what kind of clothes should I wear?
Where can I get more clothes for both fab wedding in Lahore, and where can I get?

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