Saturday, January 30, 2010

Penis On Air Cleaner Clearing The Air About Penis Size!?

Clearing the air about penis size!? - penis on air cleaner

Material Well, here I was always the question: "Is it the size? And I'm bi and I can definitley answer for all. Here:

1. If you are the way in which the proud bearing and / or hear, and feel they can not be covered otherwise. Thus, the size does not matter whether the penis TO YOU.

2. If you like the man who made his time and pleasure in many different ways, it is not the penis size is irrelevant.

I personally like'em very difficult to cut, lots of kisses, lots of enthusiasm and a great shooter, clean cut appearance, good attitude, are not overweight, and also helps cute.

We all have our preferences ... perhaps his money, drugs or violence. We all prefer something special and especially in our sex life. So when you arrive, the size, it is important. But do not expect that all questions.
My question to all is what is / is love that matters to you. If there are multiple things and then list'em. If it's something. Please share.

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