Monday, January 25, 2010

Travelpro Luggage Sets Is Atlantic A Good Brand Of Luggage Compared To Samsonite?

Is Atlantic a good brand of luggage compared to Samsonite? - travelpro luggage sets

the officer told me it was, but you can find articles on the web. He also said that it was better for Travelpro, but I think rave reviews for Travelpro, and almost nothing for the Atlantic

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  1. Atlantic Luggage is very good, I have Pro Samsonite luggage and travel and Atlantic luggage, I confess, is so good. All companies of different degrees of quality bags with various materials, but almost everything they do is good. I checked the luggage of the Atlantic Ocean, through a show on NBC, and did a test better than Samsonite and Travelpro, Tumi expensive brand came from dead last. I'm sure others have different opinions, but I'm very happy with my luggage Atlantic.